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Our fellowship empowers young environmental business leaders to attack challenges, embrace the unknown, and grow confident in their leadership

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Social innovation that provokes the ability to preserve
The Wild Gift fellowship is a 15 week program designed to drive your environmental start up to the next phase of growth. The first 10 weeks involve virtual programming that focuses on critical business topics, builds connections to your fellow entrepreneurs, and brings you into the Wild Gift community. The fellowship cohort then embarks on a 20 day wilderness trek. The expedition challenges each Fellow physically and emotionally and connects them to the natural world on a very personal level. Fellows are able to unplug, incubate ideas, and envision the true scope of their work and lives while building lifelong bonds. The final 2 weeks of the program are designed to reconnect to the modern world, focus on your next steps, and join the Wild Gift community in a virtual pitch celebration of your project.
Resilience, Perspective, and Vision

Awareness of interconnectivity

Enduring personal vision

Resilience, Perspective, and Vision. Wilderness responds to and recovers from stress and change, and it demands the same of its visitors. Like regrowth following a wildfire, new ideas often grow from difficult experiences. We re-examine where we are now and where we want to go. Change requires awareness of our interconnectivity and an enduring personal vision.

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The Unexpected

Learn to follow your convictions in the face of many obstacles – expected and unexpected.



The 2022 spring fellowship application is now open. The deadline is April 15th at 5pm PST

Wild Gift is a nonprofit organization that supports the next generation of social and environmental entrepreneurs through a unique wilderness-based fellowship. Over 70 Wild Gift fellows are now working around the world in conservation, community development, education, energy innovation, public policy, sustainable agriculture, and affordable housing.

The 2022 Wild Gift fellowship is a 13-week experience composed of three parts. Participation in all three parts is a mandatory requirement of accepting the fellowship, including:
  • Three-week guided deep wilderness backpacking trek (August 2022; arrive in Sun Valley, Idaho on August 15).
  • 10-week virtual fellowship (June – August 2022). The virtual fellowship will meet once per week for two hours per session. Sessions will include a combination of business and leadership workshops designed to support venture development and sessions dedicated to fellow development. 
  • A virtual and/or in-person celebration with Wild Gift donors and our broader network (date and time TBD following trek). 
Environmental Change-Makers



Wild Gift believes that expeditions, facilitate a connection with wild nature and a supportive community which are essential for lasting social and environmental change.