The Wild Gift Program

Confident Leadership



The Wild Gift fellowship is a 8 month consecutive program designed to drive your environmental start up to the next phase of growth. The virtual fellowship begins in April and picks up after the trek in July. Programming focuses on critical business topics, builds connections to your fellow entrepreneurs, and brings you into the Wild Gift community. The deep wilderness trek is a 20 day incredible experience. The expedition challenges each Fellow physically and emotionally and connects them to the natural world on a very personal level. Fellows are able to unplug, incubate ideas, and envision the true scope of their work and lives while building lifelong bonds. Every Fellowship includes with a celebratory community event in Idaho. Fellows have the opportunity to present their work to the Wild Gift community of donors and supports, and connect with alumni across the 20 years of programming!

In the field of environmental innovation, the road to success is often long and lonely… brutal hours, stress, and personal sacrifice. Research on social entrepreneurs and our own experience of supporting 65 Fellows reveal that the ability to persevere is as important to eventual success as a good business plan.

We know it isn’t easy to change the world, but we have over a decade of success at finding those who want to… and do. We know it takes more than money to get a great idea off the ground. It takes persistence, ingenuity, and courage. Being an entrepreneur means believing in YES, even when you mostly hear NO. It means clearly seeing your goal, while flexibly charting an unknown path to get there. It means consistently having the courage to follow your convictions in the face of many obstacles – expected and unexpected.

Our unique Wild Gift leadership development experience affirms the “wildness” of spirit needed to change the world and instills in each Fellow a lasting belief in the importance of courage, teamwork, integrity, resilience, and audacity. Our experience and track record prove that coupling unique personal growth support with professional technical assistance makes all the difference in lifting these ventures off the ground and successfully retaining these individuals as change agents.




3 week trek

A guided three-week deep wilderness trek in the Idaho or Utah backcountry


Business development

6 active months of business development programming aimed at building your venture


Venture Presentation

Annual celebration with Wild Gift’s Board of Directors, Alumni, and an investment panel after the trek


Travel & Gear Stipend

Allowance for travel and gear



Access to entrepreneurship mentor(s) who can work with you throughout the course of your Fellowship


Retreat Participation

The opportunity to participate in Wild Gift alumni retreats and trips


Lifetime Membership

A lifetime membership in the vibrant Wild Gift Network that includes alumni, mentors, and supporters.

Supporting environmental & social entrepreneurs


In 2002

Since its founding in 2002, Wild Gift has supported more than 65  environmental and social entrepreneurs working around the world in education, sustainable agriculture, affordable housing, energy efficiency and innovation, community development, public policy, wetland conservation, and stewardship. Wild Gift ventures currently enhance local economies as well as the natural environment in 8 countries on 4 continents (including Haiti, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, Chile, India, Samoa, Nepal) and across the United States. Many of our Fellows go on to receive national and international recognition for their innovative ideas and work and many return to Wild Gift as mentors, board members, and supporters.

Before You Decide


Our Alumni

Our alumni are world changing founders and entrepreneurs, who’ve raised more than $100M in start up capital, won one of the first EarthShot prizes, protected more than 12,000 acres of wilderness, and so much more