Reference Request

Reference Letter Request

  • We require one letter of reference and contact information for one additional reference. Your reference should come from someone other than family and friends who can speak to your motivation as a person committed to leadership in local, national, or global society. The letter should be specific and appropriate to the Wild Gift fellowship opportunity and speak to your ability to successfully carry out your venture.


    When you hit “submit,” an email will be sent to the address you provide for the reference letter with instructions on how to submit a letter. We suggest you notify your reference writer to look out for this email, which will come from notific[email protected] (they should also check their junk folder).


    The letter is due by 5:00 pm Pacific Time on the application deadline.


    Please note that it is possible to resubmit this form, so in the event, your letter of reference writer needs a second set of instructions, you can fill out this form again. Please also note that we only accept one letter of reference per applicant. Therefore, we will only read the first letter we receive.