Our Core Values

1. Wilderness: Deep wilderness provides the inspiration for Fellows to unplug and envision a better world.

2. Urgency: Humanity is on an unstable path and rapid change is essential to achieve a healthy world and continuity of our species.

3. Leadership: A dynamic network of social innovators will ultimately create solutions for today's global challenges.

4. Innovation: Creative ideas are essential for positive change.

5. Accountability: Measureable results magnify the Wild Gift impact.


Wild Gift has provided me with opportunities to be inspired and challenged by wilderness, along with funding and mentoring for the project that has become my career. Wild Gift has been—and continues to be—the most influential experience of my life.”  -Pete Land, Wild Gift Fellow '03

Wild Gift is Dynamic

Every year new ventures and collaborations increase our impact while existing ventures continue to affect change.  With a dedicated Executive Director, Board, and a growing network of alumni leaders and supporters, Wild Gift is helping to catalyze the shift in consciousness needed to create a more sustainable world.  

At the core of Wild Gift is the belief that the challenges we face both locally and globally can be overcome by working together and seeking inspiration in wilderness.”  -Iain Duncan, Wild Gift Fellow '08

Primed for Success

Through a rigorous application process, Wild Gift recruits dynamic individuals with innovative, entrepreneurial ideas. Successful applicants exhibit a deep passion and commitment to wilderness and sustainability and the capacity to bring better world projects to fruition.

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