Get Involved

Wild Gift provides several ways to become directly involved in our organization and with the work of our fellows:

A. Become a Fellow Mentor

We invite anyone interested in developing the personal vision and power of dynamic new leaders to get involved with the Wild Gift program as mentors.  Mentors help develop the collaborative venture proposals of Network fellows and serve in project implementation.  The relationship may extend to visiting the fellows at their project site for a personal tour or to work as a volunteer.  Please visit our Mentor Page for more information.

B. Support the Work of our Leaders 

Challenging times demand big dreams  - and real solutions to the world's toughest problems. The Wild Gift program empowers young leaders to bring their system changing initiatives to fruition by combining a deep wilderness experience that shapes a fellow's vision with a powerful  network of “on-the-ground” support.  Together we can ensure the vision of a generation of better world leaders!  Donate Now.

C. Volunteer for a Fellow Project

View Fellow Profiles to find projects or businesses now soliciting volunteer opportunities and contact the leader(s) for details.

D.  Participate in a Wild Gift Trip

Wild Gift Trips involves you directly with Wild Gift’s mission to create a better world. Our non-profit trips give you the opportunity to join us out in the wilderness and on visits to the projects of the young, better-world entrepreneurs we support. We believe that direct contact with the wild and with our young fellows is the best way to share Wild Gift's better-world mission and spirit.  Contact us to learn about this unique opportunity for involvement.  We invite you to come to the field with us this year!