2017 APPLICATION INFORMATION                                      

We are currently considering the timing for our next class and will post information here later this winter.

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Every year Wild Gift recruits a class of extraordinary young leaders to become Wild Gift Fellows. The Fellowship is a 16-month program that provides holistic support for upcoming social entrepreneurs pursuing break-through change. Successful applicants are visionaries committed to and capable of bringing about urgently needed change.

Read the application guidelines (FAQs) here


Here's what recent Fellows had to say about their trek experience:

Wild Gift gave us the unique opportunity to turn off distractions, to be immersed in a beautiful place, and to surround ourselves with inspiring people for 18-days. In an otherwise fast-paced world, the experience left me feeling refreshed and with an energy that I am taking back to my business.” –James Richards, Solar Dividend


The Wild Gift was more than a trip, it was an introduction to a new way of living and thinking grounded in the natural world.” –Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli


After sixteen days in the backcountry with Wild Gift, I feel a sense of mental clarity—as if all the clutter has been cut away and I have a clean slate. For me, that clarity is already helping me refine my business plan in new ways.” –Marty Schnure, Maps For Good


The Wild Gift’s deep wilderness trek allowed me to slow down and fill up on awe. I feel more even keeled and able to identify not only what is important for our business, but how we want to do it.”–Raj Vable, Young Mountain Tea