About the Wild Gift Mentor Program


The Wild Gift Mentor Program offers one-on-one professional mentoring to current Wild Gift leaders. Leaders benefit from valuable professional advice and perspective, and have the opportunity to create a unique and lasting relationship with a business leader or expert. Mentors serve as role models, coaches and advisors to our leaders as they consider how to best apply and advance their newly acquired skills in the pursuit of their professional and personal goals.

The Mentor Program strives to create a tradition and appreciation of mentoring and collaboration within the Wild Gift community that will ultimately support our leaders to bring their better world projects to fruition. 

We invite anyone interested in developing the personal vision and power of dynamic new leaders to join the Wild Gift Mentor Program.


There are two mentoring opportunities with very different roles and responsibilities.

1. Project Mentor Role (for a Fellow's First Year Project):

Time Commitment: 17 months with a minimum of 2 phone conferences a month and participation in quarterly progress reviews.

Description: The Project Mentor works one-on-one with a single new leader from the time the Fellow is recruited to the Network through the completion of the project launch 17 months later. During June and July, the mentor advises the Fellow in expanding the project proposal into a social venture business plan (SVP).  Post trek, the mentor and Fellow work together in refining the SVP from lessons learned on the trek.  The final SVP includes a focused one year action plan and budget funded with the Wild Gift grant, serving as the roadmap for the project launch.  Upon approval, the Fellow implements the project in the field over the next year.  The mentor continues to work with the Fellow during the implementation phase and participates in each of the quarterly project progress reviews.  

2. Short Term Resource Mentor:

Time Commitment: As needed.

Description: Fellows working on a project, be they members of the new class or existing Network, may be confronted with challenges requiring specific expertise.   A Resource Mentor with the needed expertise can be very important in helping Fellows move their project over a hump or with connecting them to the right resources.  The Resource Mentor responsibilities and time commitment will vary.  It may be nothing more than a couple of phone calls to answer specific questions or involve periodic engagement.